Meet the weaker team England have lost 31 of 32 games

Meet the weaker team England have lost 31 of 32 games

New Mills AFC team in Derbishajër played 32 games this season, equaling 1 and lost 31 tjerat.Por amateur team as it was labeled as the poorest on the island, she began to blame the weather for poor results this season, where He has yet to win the first game and has suffered 105 goals.

New Mills militates in Evo-Stik Northern Premier League, First Division North or category of English football and eight in 28 matches so far in the league, they have come humbly in 27 cases, taking only a 2-2 draw during this series.

Four other Cup matches have lost them all. Players who work during the day in other professions, train twice during the day and paid 20 pounds per match. They rank 19 points away from the position of failing to guarantee a category below 14 matches remaining.

But despite the negative record, coach Gary Brown insists survival is still possible. Braun, who sat on the bench last September, replacing Andy Fern and former City striker, Sean Gotera, blamed time in England.

“It sounds strange, but the weather in New Mills plays an important role in our form. Here is the worst time could have imagined. This is a great city, the people are fantastic, but the climate does not help us much. There were many games canceled and field inspections due to rainfall.