Mancini: Ibra and Tours were “anti-Juventus”

Twelve years later, Roma became his city again. In June of 2004 he left her after receiving a call from Moratti, who believed an ambitious project. As a player, “marriage” with Inter was never made.

“It was a matter of time, but feeling he had. Kranjoti proved faster and more ‘flooded’ with his enthusiasm. Instinct told me that the solution there Lazio Rome and won the title. Milan went later and I got the same target as the coach. I started a cycle, which closed Mourinho winning ‘treble’. I think we all stand to gain, referring Moratti, Kranjotit and myself. ”

Returning to Inter for the second time to rebuild from scratch. This time, the heart beat logic.

And therefore I do not regret that I did not say wrong. It was a significant challenge, so I agreed to go back to Milan. Unfortunately, does not fulfill the mission, but remains a good experience. Many steps have been made before, because today, unlike before, there is a basis.

Divorce was striking. Sunday morning came from China bids for renewal, while in the evening the same day break the contract.

We shook hands as good friends. Reports remain good between us. As I and they have reason to believe that feelings. The division was consensual because we took different paths. Inter must always have big targets. I will always remain Nerazzurri fan.

Some say that you do not have managed the preparatory phase having suggested that he left.

This is idiocy, the only charge that I would like to answer. The only one who has introduced this dance is Gul, who is jealous, now unemployed, as it was when he was playing. What does he know about the work of a colleague? Inter data preparation phase. We are in a modern era where everything is recorded and no one has the right to denigrate our plan.

All data are recorded. No team is ready to August 20. To achieve a satisfactory form, should come September. Here’s an end to this controversy instrumental.

If you had the opportunity, what would you change from Inter’s second experience?

Maybe January, when the team was completely blocked. Unfortunately, such things happen when a cycle starts. If any loss would be a draw, we would have reached the third place.

Do you get thrown if Turenë Jaja?

Not wait to take me this question. Jaja has long been one of my goals. A year ago, together with President Tohir, they had closed his transfer to Milan, but in the end the player hesitated because he did not want to betray City. Tours as well as Ibra is one of those players who move balances and make the difference. They make the difference as Messi and Ronaldo.

Even in Italy?

Of course, although Juventus belongs to another category. But if a club will be approaching one of them or both can rival Juventus for the title. I’m convinced of this.

So, for you, the great runner Juventus for the title?

Yes, I think so. Higuain shot makes the difference even though I am convinced that it will score 36 goals. Life in black and white is light years away from others. They have won five titles in a row and have a stadium of its own.

Allegri has also Dibalën …

I tried to buy myself at Inter, but he preferred Juve. It’s super, approaching middle.

As teams after Juve’s list?

Napoli, Roma, Inter and Milan. De Laurentiis has invested 90 million Higuain approaching the young players and the fruits of this policy will reap in the future.

You have so much confidence in the Rossoneri … The Chinese have invested at Inter, while Milan still …

They not moved in time to do so. Milan fans to be patient after the arrival of Fasones is a guarantee. I worked with him when I was at Inter and I say that is a person with great capacity.

Roma Totti hails this year. They will undergo a psychological shock when fans watch captain to leave.

It’s a fantastic player. I never hid the admiration I have for him. Francis had the courage continued to play at that age. I was 40 years old when I sat on the bench. I say now that my biggest pledge is that I have not ever trained. We would be much laughter in the control matches …

Now living in Rome, you can go to the “Olimpico”?

Of course I will go. I regret that here the stadium is empty. Unfortunately, in Italy the fans are “invited” to the stadium, otherwise going to England where tickets sold in August.

Where do you think that the relaunch work?

I do not hurry up, I expect a serious project. Sometimes rest is good.

It prefers to train in Italy or abroad?

I have no preference of this kind, although Premieri remains super.

Since remember Premier League, which prefers to between City and at United?

It will be a strong duel although my former team remains stronger on paper. I’m proud to have built the colossus: Yaya Toure, David Silva and Aguero. On the other hand, plays and therefore I say that Ibra is a great duel. However we should not forget Chelsea. Conte has started well.

Ranieri is the Leicester?

He recounted a tale that turned into legend. He waited for the right moment and never lost heart. Now I think that they will be a success if the championship would close between six money. Their title reminds me of what Verona won years ago.

In England there are many Italian coaches.

True. Our school is great technicians and the British have decided to trust us more teams.

Ancelotti opted to go to Germany.

He is a man and an extraordinary coach. Always seems calm, but believe me when, he also hardened. He will win with Bayern, after learning to manage large teams. It will soon get used to the new reality.

Within a few days, the new season’s Champions League.

More reopen an old wound. I’m in pursuit of that cup since the night we beat Barcelona when playing with Sampit. You never know, but I live with the hope to win. Regarding the favorites for this season, I think that is Barcelona, ??having Messi, Neymar and Suarez, although April has no favorite teams.

Italy has not one, but attacked Israel.

Ventura proved smart, after working on the basis that threw Counties. I believe in Italy, having talented players and a coach who is the master of football.

Will you exercise with pleasure?

Of course, like all those who do my job. To train the national team is the pride of your country.