Joe Hart is added to the list of “victims” of Pep Guardiola

Punch Guardiola has made it clear that Joe Hart is not a portion of his arrangements and the decrease in British guardian seat pretty much rules out elucidation. While the mentor is motivating prepared to bring Bravo from Barcelona, ??Hart joins a rundown of stars known world football who have lost their place in the group toward the professional Catalan, names that “Every day Mail” has gathered in an uncommon rundown.


A legend of Barcelona and one of the brightest stars ever, the Brazilian was an icon in “Camp Nou”. Guardiola was the person who made ready for the flight of the player who helped the group win two association titles and the Champions League, setting his deal to Milan. The flight of Brazilian made ready for the flare-up of “tiki-taka”, a model diversion Catalans who staggered the world for quite a long while.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Striker not ever made an agreeable association with the mentor in his exclusive year the Catalans, who accompanied much flourish, to close experience being sped towards Milan. Naming “yellow defeatist” that Ibra makes mentor in his personal history indicates obviously what the relationship was set up between the two amid that season just Swede in Spain.


Deko Portugal was one of the stars of the Barcelona midfield when it was driven by Frank Rijkaard. Be that as it may, Guardiola made it clear the player promptly needed to begin considering another club since he would trust more institute players, making space for the general actuation of Busquets Iniesta. Deko fled to England, joining Scolari at Chelsea in 2008.

Samuel Eto’o

Cameroon striker was the top scorer in Spain at the time that Guardiola assumed control. In spite of the fact that he went through a season with physical issues, Eto’o scored 16 objectives in only 18 matches played before the mentor settled. Guardiola needed to offer, however couldn’t discover a group willing to pay his card. Cameroon stood and scored 36 objectives in 52 amusements, helping Barca win the title, Cup and Champions League. In any case, even this was insufficient. The following summer, he went to Milan to wear the shirt of Inter in the popular trade with Zlatan Ibrahimoviç.Xhanluka Zambrotta

The Italian was entitled untouchable in his two seasons with the club some time recently, yet Guardiola saw things from an alternate perspective. That when he landed at the club, one of the principal activities was his takeoff, by offering him to Milan.

Yaya Toure

Ivory Coast midfielder has encountered at the end of the day disregarding the Guardiola prior, in the period when he played for Barcelona. He had incredible at whatever point Catalans had plummeted on the playing field, yet in 2010, the mentor chose to offer for 24 million pounds to Manchester City, making it clear that the arrangement of Barcelona there was no spot for him.

Schweinsteiger Bastjan

Bastjan Schweinsteiger was compelled to leave Bayern Munich subsequent to playing the diversion to the 500th for the club, since Pep Guardiola thought he was not up to the imprint to play with the Bavarians. Despite the fact that the player had been for 17 back to back years a portion of Bayern Guardiola implied that he would not have spaces in the positions of the German group, preparing for his exchange to Manchester United. German midfielder, the circumstance has not changed in England after Mourinho sees things the same route as Guardiola.